Team Brood Trailbreaker 550 21T Motor

Team Brood Trailbreaker 550 21T Motor

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The Trailbreaker 550 21 Turn is a budget friendly motor built to provide excellent performance, especially in hard environments such as water or mud without breaking the bank. We used the best available parts to build these sealed can motors to perform under extreme conditions without failing like the typical budget motor. Optimal wire sizes to go with our most popular winds help create excellent power, wheelspeed and torque. Unlike similar motors on the market, the Pathfinder features dual ball bearings for the best efficiency and smooth operation, along with each and every motor is fully broken in and tested prior to shipping. Every motor is engraved with name, logo and turn for a durable identification system completely resistant to the environment. 

The Trailbreaker 550 21 Turn features a 3-Slot armature for the perfect combo of RPM, torque, and startup. The 550 size can provides increased torque and efficiency that will provide your truck with horsepower it needs.

  • 3-Slot Machine Wound Armature
  • 550 Dual Magnet Can with YG45 magnets - Maximizes torque and braking           
  • 1.1mm thick Can - Strengthens the magnetic field for maximum torque and braking with a durable finish
  • Torque Ring - Increases Torque, Braking and Efficiency.
  • Zero Timing - Allows to be installed in either normal or reverse applications
  • Dual Ball Bearings - Reduces friction provides increased efficiency and power
  • Sealed Endbell - Helps keep out the elements
  • Long-Wear Brushes -  Long lasting performance brushes
  • 1/8th Shaft Diameter - For Standard RC Pinions
  • Standard 540/550 M3 Mounting Holes on 25mm Spacing
  • Internal Cooling Fan - Lower operating temperatures 

Build Features

  • Laser Engraved - Provides an element proof marking for easy identification
  • Fully Broken-In - Ready to install and run
  • Tested - Motors are given basic tests after break in to insure correct performance
  • 30 Day Limited Warranty
Poles 2
Magnets Dual YG45
Voltage Input 3.7v-14.8v
Break-In 600 seconds at 5 volts
Construction Machine Wound
Lamination Size .014"
Stack Design Straight
Slots 3
Wire Type Copper Round
Balance Type Drill
Weight 220 Grams +/- 5
Length 62.15mm
Diameter 35.05mm w/o Torque Ring 37.00mm w/ Torque Ring
Shaft Size 3mm (1/8th)
Mounting Pattern Standard 540 M3x25mm