NSDRC RS800 V2 Waterproof HV Servo
NSDRC RS800 V2 Waterproof HV Servo

NSDRC RS800 V2 Waterproof HV Servo

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The RS800 V2 is one of the strongest servo's on the market! With our proven hardened stainless steel gears that have not failed once, with an upgraded 2mm thick main dowel pin and a 1.9mm secondary! Built with the highest quality parts, designed for the power and speed demands of competition level RC crawlers.  At just 2s lipo you'll be making 600oz of tire twisting power!! Then upward of 900oz on 3s lipo, and over 1100oz on 4s lipo 16.8v!!!


•Direct power 7.4v - 16.8v 

•All Aluminum CNC casing

•IP66 Rated Water Resistant,  Not Submarine 

•Hardened stainless steel gears

•Brushless motor

•High Accuracy encoder


Operating Voltage: 8.4v - 16.8v

Torque: 600 oz-in / 8.4v 

Torque: 900 oz-in / 12.6v 

Torque: 1100+ oz-in / 16.8v 

Speed: 0.18 sec @ 8.4v  

Speed: 0.14 sec @ 12.6v

Speed: 0.10 sec @ 16.8v

Spline: 25T

Size: 40* 20* 39.1mm

Weight: 85 Grams


☆Comes with a strong 3mm thick 20mm long 7075 aluminum servo horn

☆We highly recommend using direct solder connections for best results.

☆The power connection plug, or power switch on your esc, MUST be disconnected/ turned off when not in use to prevent damage to the servo and/or battery!



1 year warranty from all defects! We assume no liability of damage caused from excess bashing/abuse, mistreatment, modification of servo/wires, or excess water use.  Nothing is unbreakable! For all issues you will need to send the servo in to us to be inspected for warranty.