Bowhouse RC SVT SCX6 CF Slipper Pads
Bowhouse RC SVT SCX6 CF Slipper Pads
Bowhouse RC SVT SCX6 CF Slipper Pads

Bowhouse RC SVT SCX6 CF Slipper Pads

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The Axial Racing SCX6 is a beast, but the stock slipper setup isn't quite up to the challenge.  Our SVT Carbon Fiber Slipper Pads take care of this in two ways.  First, the carbon fiber pads are much more durable than the stock pads, and they don’t break down from heat or grease.  Second, we've included Belleville washers to maintain consistent pressure on the slipper plates and pads.  The result is a durable slipper system that allows you to adjust and maintain tension to optimize performance and protect your running gear.


  • 2x carbon fiber slipper pads
  • 4x Belleville washers
  • 1x M5 lock nut


  • Remove transmission and save all mounting hardware.
  • Remove motor and spur cover and save all mounting hardware.
  • Remove stock spacer, slipper clutch and spur gear from spur shaft.  You will reuse the spur gear and spacer, but not the stock M5 flanged nut.
  • Remove stock slipper plates and clean any grease or oil from the plates. A slipper clutch assembly will not function correctly if grease or oil gets between the pads and slipper plates regardless of the pad material.
  • Remove stock slipper pads from spur gear and replace with carbon fiber pads.
  • Reinstall spur gear with slipper plates onto spur shaft, followed by stock aluminum spacer.  IMPORTANT NOTE - stock slipper plates are slightly convex (c-shaped) due to the stamping process used to make them.  We recommend installing the plates so the convex side of each plate faces the spur gear to avoid excess pressure between the rim of the plates and the slipper pads.  It should look like this: )I( 
  • Install desired number of Belleville washers (conical springs) onto slipper shaft and tighten with included M5 lock nut.  We recommend using 2-3 Belleville washers, aligned in the same orientation.  For 2 springs, it should look like this: ))  For 3 springs, it should look like this: )))  The washers should be installed with the concave side facing the slipper plate like this: I))
  • Reinstall motor and spur cover on transmission, and then reinstall transmission on skid plate.