Bowhouse RC Redcat Gen8 Panhard Mount
Bowhouse RC Redcat Gen8 Panhard Mount

Bowhouse RC Redcat Gen8 Panhard Mount

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The Redcat Gen8 is a great truck, but the stock front suspension geometry needs a bit of work.  Unless you like bump steer and off-center axles.  We didn't think you would, and you're not alone.  Enter our N2R Panhard Relocation Mount for the Gen8, CNC machined in aluminum and anodized in black.  With a simple, bolt-on part for the stock axles (or just a bit of trimming on the HD axles), we've all but eliminated the bump steer and centered the front axle at normal ride height.  Even better...we've saved you the trouble of having to disassemble the entire front end of the truck just to unscrew the Panhard pivot ball from the axle mount.  It's a win for everyone!

Package includes:

  1. 1x N2R Gen8 Panhard Mount
  2. 3x M3x16mm BHCS
  3. 1x pivot ball

Here are the installation notes:

  • Start by removing the chassis side Panhard rod end from the pivot ball (you can leave the pivot ball in place).
  • Unscrew the pivot ball that attaches the Panhard to the axle and reinstall on the front side of the axle's Panhard mount.
  • Remove the screw that secures the left inner fender to the front of the left side shock tower (just ahead of the shock).
  • Use one of the included M3x16mm screws to attach the N2R Gen8 Panhard Mount where the left inner fender screw was removed.
  • Use a second included M3x16mm screw to secure the N2R Gen8 Panhard Mount to the hole at the front of the stock plastic panhard mount.
  • If you have the HD version of the axles, you will need to use the alternate shock mounts located slightly rear of the c-hub and trim off the top of the inner double-shear shock mount located on top of the axle housing to allow enough clearance for the panhard rod end to be installed in the new location (see picture above).
  • Insert the included pivot ball into the chassis side rod end and attach to the panhard mount using the third included M3x16mm screw.  Use thread lock when attaching the panhard to the mount.