BowHouse RC N2R Element IFS Steering Rack V2
BowHouse RC N2R Element IFS Steering Rack V2
BowHouse RC N2R Element IFS Steering Rack V2

BowHouse RC N2R Element IFS Steering Rack V2

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Hats off to the folks at Associated and Element for bringing a durable, narrow-track independent front suspension (IFS) to the scale market.  The only problem is the wonky steering geometry with major bump steer.  But fear not...our all new CNC-machined aluminum N2R Steering Rack for Element Enduro IFS fixes the problem by relocating and shortening the tie rods for proper geometry.

Package includes:

  • 1x steering rack
  • 2x M3x12mm BHCS
  • 2x M4x20mm threaded rod
  • 2x pivot ball

Installation notes:

  • Start by removing front skid plate.  Save skid and all 4 screws for reinstallation later.
  • Unscrew stock steering rack from bellcranks.  Save the M3x14 BHCS screws, washers and hat bushings for installation of N2R steering rack.
  • Snap the left and right tie rods (steering links) off of the ballstuds holding them to the stock steering rack.  You will not need to reuse the ballstuds on the steering rack.
  • Remove the tie rods from the kuckles by unscrewing the ballstud from each knuckle.  Save the M3 nylock nuts for later use.
  • Remove the ball studs from each bent rod end and reinstall in the opposite orientation with threaded portion of ball stud inside the "V" of the bent rod end.
  • Remove both rod ends from each tie rod metal link.  You will not need to reuse the original metal links.
  • Insert 1 M4x20mm threaded rod into each of the straight rod ends.
  • Screw one straight rod end directly into each bent rod end.  Leave 1-2mm gap between rod ends with hole on straight rod ends perpendicular to holes on bent rod ends.  You can adjust the toe-in/toe-out later by adjusting the spacing between rod ends.
  • Insert pivot balls into straight rod ends with flanged side of pivot ball facing forward.
  • Attach the straight rod end side of each tie rod to the steering rack using the included M3x12mm BHCS with the flanged side of the pivot ball facing the steering rack.  Be sure to use thread lock on these screws!
  • Attach steering rack to bellcranks using the stock M3x14 BHCS screws, washers and hat bushings.  To help eliminate play in the steering due to movement between the hat bushings and pass-through screws, add a small dab of thread lock or glue (CA or E6000) to the threads closest to the screw head and washer before tightening steering rack screws all the way into bell cranks.
  • Attach bent rod ends to knuckles from underneath the knuckles using the ball studs and M3 nylock nuts.
  • Reinstall skid plate.