Bowhouse RC LoPro HC Transfer Skid

Bowhouse RC LoPro HC Transfer Skid

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We have updated our legendary N2R High Clearance Skid for the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 (TF2) to support RC4WD's new Over/Under Drive Transfer Case (part Z-U0039) as well as the original Hammer Transfer Case that comes stock on the TF2. And we've done it without sacrificing any of the epic ground clearance you've come to expect!


  • Works with all versions of the TF2 (standard wheelbase, long wheelbase (LWB) and short wheelbase (SWB))
  • Works with both versions of the R3 transmission (single-speed and 2-speed)
  • Works with both leaf spring and linked suspension setups
  • Works with both Hammer and Over/Under Drive Transfer Cases


  • We recommend our N2R Coupling Bracket if you are installing on a TF2 LWB.
  • We recommend using longer screws and M3 nylock nuts to mount to the chassis.

So go ahead...ditch the stock snow shovel and start sliding your TF2 over the rocks with ease.