Bowhouse RC Element Spur Gear Adapter

Bowhouse RC Element Spur Gear Adapter

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Say goodbye to 48P gearing and vehicle specific spurs in your Element Enduro and Stealth X transmission with the SVT Spur Gear Adapter.  Our CNC machined aluminum adapter allows you to use spur gears from Axial, Robinson Racing, Kimbrough, Traxxas and others on your Element Enduro Stealth X transmission for an easy conversion to more durable 32P or .8 Mod gearing with tons of gearing choices.

Here is a partial list of compatible spur gears that we have tested:

  • Axial: 56T 32P Spur (AXI31027), 87T 48P Spur (AXI30672)
  • Kimbrough: 62T 32P Spur (KIM247)
  • Robinson Racing: 58T 32P Blackened Steel Spur (RRP1558)
  • Traxxas: 56T .8 Metric (TRA3957), 54T .8 Metric (TRA5936)
  • Incision: 56T 32P Spur (INCIRC00402)


  • 1x spur gear adapter
  • 3x M3x6mm screws

Note: You will need to supply your own spur gear.


  • Remove spur gear cover, stock spur gear and spur gear hubs.  Save spur cover and screws, and M3 locknut for spur gear.
  • Mount your choice of spur gears to the side of the SVT spur gear adapter with the longer shaft using the included M3x6mm screws and thread lock.  IMPORTANT NOTE: The mounting holes have different offsets to accommodate different spur gears.  3 are offset at 22mm and the other three are offset at 23mm.  Make sure you are using the correct set of mounting holes for your choice of spur gear.
  • Slide spur gear adapter and gear onto transmission input shaft with the spur gear facing away from the transmission.
  • We have designed this adapter to have a snug fit on the OEM input shaft.  OEM manufacturing tolerances create minor variance in the thickness of the input shaft, so you may need to press firmly to get the adapter seated on the input shaft.
  • Secure spur gear with stock M3 locknut and reattach spur gear cover.