BeefTubes Element Beef Shanks

BeefTubes Element Beef Shanks

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Our Beef Shanks add a total of 88 grams of weight were it counts, the lowest outer most part of your rig, lowering the overall center of gravity, increasing climbing stability/ability. Another feature that makes Beef Shanks stand above the others is that our design uses a larger and stronger 5x11x4mm outer bearing vs. the stock 5x10x4mm bearing which also increases durability. These are a direct fit to almost any Element c-hub and provide improved performance with increased scale realism.


- CNC Machined from solid brass

- Uses stock ackerman arms retaining the BTA steering

- Scale fabricated knuckle appearance

​- Larger outer bearing (5x11x4mm) for added strength 

​- Improves CG

- 44 grams each for a total of 88 grams


Includes two (2) Element Beef Shanks, two (2) 5x11x4mm bearings, and necessary hardware.